While on holiday I want to have everything at the highest level. The terrain, climate, sea, beach and apartments. Perhaps the room in which you plan to vacation, plays an important role in the choice of recreation.

At the recreation center “Volna” are all conditions to rest was complete. Nature took care of warm water, a magical air, weather, and we are that the room “Luxury” for all of our guests were at the highest level.

To stay in a room “Lux” – new furniture and mattresses, so that at night you can relax and unwind after a busy day. Wake up refreshed and full of energy is possible only after a good sleep. The rooms are equipped with plastic windows with anti-mosquito nets, which means that even at night you can enjoy the sea air without annoying insects.

For the comfort room has a shower, sink and toilet. New plumbing, cleanliness and compliance with all sanitary norms – our credo – we give our customers the best of everything!

And what could be better than a cup of fresh coffee, drinking in the fresh air in the morning? Or a glass of wine in the evening? To do this, on the balcony with a table and comfortable chairs.

In the recreation area there is a kitchen, so that visitors can prepare their favorite dishes, and every room “Lux” refrigerator.

By choosing us, you can be sure that the holiday will be held on perfect!