p5199575Finally, it’s summer – time of holidays, hot days, bright emotions and, of course, finding a place for a good holiday. Are you still undecided? Then come to us! Rybakovka Recreation Area hospitably opens its doors to all who are looking for comfort, eco-conditions, sandy beaches and beautiful sea!

Geographical location Rybakovka ensures a great vacation for all our customers, regardless of whether you come for yourself or the whole family. Even for the youngest holidaymakers all the conditions. It is safe to say that the recreation center “Volna” in the Rybakovka – “Child Friendly”. What could be better for little legs than sandy beaches? No wonder it is considered that we have all the chances to become a Ukrainian Antalya.

The resort is located in an ecologically clean area with no industry, which means that all natural resources are absolutely clean and contribute to improvement of the body and filling it with energy and strength. Spacious beaches not create accumulations travelers, everyone can relax and find a cozy corner.

On the shore Rybakovka pine forest, so the air is filled with terrific flavor. Vacationers can enjoy the review, which opens in front of them right on the beach – the island Berezan (last Borisfen). Nearby are Ochakov, Olbia and Koblevo, so get out and have a tour where.

Rybakovka also famous for its curative mud and salt. They are rich in Tuzla Lake, situated near the recreation center “Volna”. The unique microclimate contributes to the improvement of the whole body, particularly the nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Even the wind direction is magical! If it blows from the south, resting breathing the sea air, and if the north – the grasses.

Comfortable rooms, first-class staff, different price range to create favorable conditions for leisure. Holiday Village “Wave” – is the best choice for children’s and family leisure, recreation, active pastime and exciting emotions!