In the children’s camp “Cosmos”, which is located in the village of Rybakovka, Mykolaiv region passed a sports festival.

Throughout the day, with the participation of Olympic bronze medalist in athletics Inga Babakova, champion European Boxing Oleg Mashkina, the world champion among military men, boxing medalist of the World Cup Vitaliy Volkov, champion I Youth Olympic Games in Singapore Trampoline Oleksandrak Satina, children carried merry relay races, competitions of poster picture “to create a world of harmony” and Olympic quiz.

All participants and winners were awarded with medals, prizes and diplomas.

“Sporting events and competitions – this is what helps children to be strong and healthy”, – assured the organizers of the festival.

Event was organized by the Commission “Sport and Environment” of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, the Nikolaev regional charitable “Indigo” Fund, Regional Library for Youth. Help in the festival had of the Family, Children and Youth Executive Committee and transport company “Orion – Auto”.

“We believe that through sport, Olympic values ​​and a healthy lifestyle can achieve harmony not only among members of society, and between society and nature. Athletes need to actively protect the environment and foster environmental awareness among other groups. Indeed, the development of the Olympic movement is impossible without improving the environmental situation in the regions “, – said chairman of the commission” Sport and Environment “of the NOC of Ukraine Inga Babakova.